Hey everyone! I’m Juliette. I am 17 years old, and am currently in Lower 6th studying Maths and Science. I have put this website together because I wanted to share with you my love of music!

I started playing the piano shortly before my eighth birthday. For the first year all I wanted to do was to play Christmas songs and little tunes (as any typical eight year old girl would!). Soon after that, however, I realised little by little that I could do more and more. The more I played, the more I loved it. And when one day I bumped into a video of a 7 year old Umi Garrett playing Balakirev’s ‘The Lark’, I knew instantly that I wanted to do just that. I hadn’t even taken my grade 3 yet, but I got my mum to buy me the score of ‘The Lark’, and I was into it big way! To make up for the time lost, I was taking one ABRSM grade per term until I got my grade 8 with distinction shortly before my eleventh birthday.

Since July 2014 I have been learning with Antoinette Cann, gaining a distinction in my ATCL piano performance diploma shortly before I turned twelve and a high distinction (96/100) in my LTCL piano performance diploma in July 2016. At the very beginning of 2019 my recital for my 3rd and final piano performance diploma (FTCL) was approved, so I am now a Fellow of Trinity College London!

If there is one thing I love the most, it is performing. I’m very lucky that I often have the opportunity to perform (both as a soloist and in chamber groups) in the beautiful Michaelhouse church in Cambridge where my school arranges a series of lunchtime concerts given by pupils. In September 2014 I was invited to play in Cambridge’s West Road Concert Hall at a major charity concert in aid of Age UK. In July 2015 I had my début recital (in Aid of East Anglia Children’s Hospices) in Cambridge at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church. I very much like performing for charity, so if any of you are ever interested please get in touch!

If there is one thing I hate in music, it is competitions! I nevertheless took part in my local Cambridge Competitive Music Festival. I won the ‘novice’ cup back in 2012, and three years later, in March 2015, I won six cups, including the very top prize, the ‘Kathleen Freeman Trophy’ for the ‘most outstanding 18-and-under performer’ and the ‘Agnes Heron Memorial Trophy’ for the ‘most outstanding piano player’. I’m enormously grateful to Rex Freeman and his group of tireless volunteers who organise this festival, which provides such a wonderful platform for Cambridge young musicians, and to Mark Bebbington who has been giving such kind and generous feedback to everyone over the years. In 2015 I was delighted to find out that I got through to the second round in the BBC Young Musician competition, having gained almost full marks from both adjudicators. In 2018, I played in London as a finalist of the Royal Philharmonic Society – Duet Group Young Instrumentalist Competition (the 2016 prize was won by Sheku Kanneh-Mason!), and enjoyed the experience tremendously.

A year after I started playing the piano, I also took up the cello. Although I do not play it nearly as seriously as I do the piano, I still adore it. I got my Grade 7 with distinction last year, and am currently working towards my ATCL. I am learning at school with Joshua Lynch.

Classical music is not my only passion though. I also listen to a lot of pop music (what would we do without the top charts in Spotify!). Although I have never taken singing lessons, I adore singing, and have also composed some of my own songs (you can visit my ‘Original Songs’ to listen to a few of them!).

My dream is to study Natural Sciences in Cambridge, and continue sharing my music with other music lovers. When I’m not at school or playing music, I play with my cats, do gymnastics in the garden or take a walk in my pretty village. When I am doing none of the above, you can find me with my close group of friends who mean the world to me (thanks guys for all your support!).

Juliette xxx